A new research mission, post holiday clearance at booth.

First off, local peeps come on out and save 20% off two or more items in my retail space.  Great holiday finds are still out there waiting so stock up! I will leave them out for a few weeks yet.  Things are heating up at my tax season job so I expect to be quite busy for the next few months.  I will give 20% off the Broyhill set but you have to buy something else to get it.  It is currently my most viewed listing on Etsy so I suspect it will be out of here shortly.  Seriously, buying it local will save you hundreds off my insane low price already.  Most dealers are selling the chairs alone for what I got the whole set priced at and my local price is even lower.  Don’t snooze on this one. 


Speaking of income tax....if you have any child tax credits. EIC, pretty much any refundable credit, you will not see a refund until after mar 21st.  Supposedly the Fed will not release any of those refunds until then.   I will hold any item for you with a deposit.  All I ask is to provide me with an expected payment date.