New project: MadModWorldVintage YOUTUBE channel

Please stop by and give me less than 5 min of your time! The first video in my educational youtube series 'Mid Century MISSconceptions’ is launched. Produced by my 14 year old daughter, this fun informative video talks about my recent visit to the Hagley Museum Library in Wilmington, DE to investigate a John Stuart Inc catalog. I did not find the chair I was looking for in it, but I did find some great info plus hope to return to peruse an amazing collection of catalogs and business records from the interior design business of William Pahlmann. Included in this collection are numerous catalogs, swatches and project documentation which will be a dream to poke through. I hope to get back there after my tax season commitment is fulfilled. Stay tuned!

My main point in the video is to talk about the resources I found, FREE for the taking. I have been to many museums to peruse catalogs and totes of documents. This is the only way to prove your item’s truth. So many lies are being spead and the IN THE MANNER OF descriptions just denotes a lazy dealer. Making an attempt to examine catalogs and historical documents is the only way to find the truth of a piece that may be unmarked. So many things were copied over the years, this is important to both buyers and to sellers. It is also a fun thing to know that guy next to you may be finishing up his doctoral dissertation.

Here is a look! I appreciate those who take the 4 min, some odd seconds to review my project. PLEASE SHARE and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL while you are there! Let me know what you think! xo Malissa

Episode 1, Malissa visits the Hagley Museum to peruse a 1957 John Stuart Inc Catalog. *Hagley Museum: *My Website: *Instagram: @madmodworldvintage *Facebook: mad4modmalissa