Important Used Bedding/Furniture INFO.



In PA, all sellers of used or refurbished Upholstered goods are required to be licensed by the state and provide a yellow tag on each good after it has been clean and sterilized according to state protocol.  This is an added expense and quite frankly, there are a lot of folks reselling that do not comply with this nor are they registered with the state for any portion of their business.  I take pride in the efforts I make to clean and sterilize my goods and run my business in accordance to the state and federal laws.  I am applying for this license and obtaining the tags so I can be officially compliant as up to this point, I have had the Mall provide this service for me.  Not only is this important to me personally, I know it is important to you as well.  Please question those you buy from to verify they do indeed follow sterilization procedures by spraying all upholstered goods, bedding, etc.  Laws very state by state but generally speaking, it's a good practice and prevents not only pests but mold, mildew and other issues as the required chemical is multi effective.