X Bench Love and Custom Restoration Info.

First off, wanted to let you know I will be off the Grid in the Catskills next weekend for a camping trip and know I will have little to no service over the weekend. I will respond immediately when I get a signal but no shipments, quotes or measurements while I am away. Also we are spending the holiday weekend at a vintage camping event in Catawissa, PA called Kampers at Knoebels. It is a tradition and attracts many of us VW bus drivers but also other vintage camper types.  Search for the group on Facebook if you want to come camp! The highlight is a caravan to Knoebels Amusement Resort on Sat morning where we all park our vans in a row and hang out in the park. It's a fun old time amusement park where you can bring your own food (but park food is excellent) pay by the ride if you like and have a cheap fun day out.  The ride for us takes us through CENTRAILIA, PA, home of the famous underground mine fires that vacated the whole town. Empty eerie streets of where homes used to be! Have a great holiday everyone!

i am almost ready to work on the sewing part of my X Bench restoration. I have the first Bench in the final steps of disassembly. It really is a beautifully constructed piece and I suspect either custom made for a client or made by someone taking an upholstery class.  That said, there are a billion staples and tacks in it so very slow going.  I am thrilled to get the horrible plaid flannel off and get some cream velvet on!  

Although I am not in love with their fabric choice, they did a great job matching up the plaid! 

Although I am not in love with their fabric choice, they did a great job matching up the plaid! 

it's going to look awesome in cream velvet!  And I have a pair! Perfect choice for the foot of a bed.  

it's going to look awesome in cream velvet!  And I have a pair! Perfect choice for the foot of a bed.  


As you may have read a few posts back, I will do custom sourcing for clients.  This is tricky for me as I do not always have the budget for buying things so if you would like me to shop for you reach out.  Typically, I will be on the hunt for a piece in you interest based on some loose criteria like piece (dresser, chair, credenza), wood or finish type, brand...maybe if I am lucky I can hone in on a specific brand, but if budget is concern this may be a difficult task! I look and when I find stuff that may work I will shoot you pics. In most cases, things disappear fast so it is important to consider as fast as possible. I will provide my opinion on condition and issues and will know what I can clean up, repair and what blemishes you may need to live with plus dimensions and other info you need to check your space.  If you agree to the piece, I may ask for a deposit upfront, especially if we have not done business yet. I will purchase and get to work cleaning it up and getting it ready for you. In many cases this takes me a few days of work.  We set up a delivery date if you are in my region or if shipping, I will set up a listing for you to pay the balance owed which you will need to do before I ship. You will get pics and stories along the way because I am just as excited to be working on the piece for you as you are to get it in your home! I really love working with clients and helping you get a piece you will love!  Any upholstery or fabric seats can be swapped out by me at this time too! I have a stock of some fabrics and could purchase to order as well. I have trade accounts with Joybird and Schumacher and would gladly order what you need. 


When I see a piece I would love to restore, I buy it. That said, budget and time does not always allow me to transform it quickly.  I do many repairs myself but some upholstery projects I prefer to use a professional.   I have posted on my webpage MadModWorldVintage.com many of these pieces that are here waiting for their day to shine. If you love one, I can work with you to make it your own! After we discuss where you would like the project to go, I will work up a firm quote based on fabric choice, upholstery cost, etc. I enjoy coordinating these restorations and knowing it will go to a loving home right away makes it better. I think hard about my color choices but when things sit in my house for a long time I wonder if I made a bad decision. I would much rather have someone choose what they want and I just get it done. Pop in and check out my ladies in waiting periodically and see what you like. I have a beautiful Adrian Pearsall wave lounger right now I cannot wait to attack with new fabric. 


Not in the market but know someone shopping for furniture? I know you know that vintage is better than new!  It's hard to compete with all the reproductions out there. Even Target is launching a line of mcm themed items this fall.  That's all fine when you are in college or your first apartment and all you can afford but in most cases, a quality restored piece will last the rest of your life and is often not much more of an investment.  I take the time to really inspect what I buy, clean it well, replace anything sketchy and do my best to watch out for hidden issues that crop up so they can be remedied before you get it home.  Sure you can thrift your own deals, but I hear horror stories every day of saggy chairs, hard foam and God help us....bugs.  Yes friends, these stories are real. There are dealers out there that don't care about this at all. Trust is a big thing for me and something that I try to build with all my clients. I have been getting some referrals for repairing items for people which I will coordinate if I can.  I work with a shop full of master woodworkers and many of them do side jobs so if something is over my head, I've got people. 😂✌️ Please send your friends to me if you think I can help them fill their home with glamorous Mid Century items. I also work with interior designers around the country and provide them with amazing items for their clients.  I love what I do!  

Always thankful, Malissa 💕