Projects in the works, Pyrex and Retro Fest in MD

I am in the middle of restoring the Broyhill Brasilia set of dining chairs and boy are they beauties! I love the fabric I chose with the deep walnut finish.  Two chairs are finished, 2 more need seats done and structural issues tended to.  I hope to have them finished and listed in the next week.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please reach out as I can do a private listing for you.  These chairs were pretty rough when they came to me and I uncovered the original seat fabric.  They were in a less than stellar storage situation and quite frankly, they were pretty gross.  I stripped down to the plywood and replaced the foam and cotton, then covered in the beautiful PURE WATER fabric by Joybird.  It looks so pretty!  Here is a sneak peek!  

The first 2 chairs are finished!  They cleaned up very nicely!  Some more work to do on the last 2 but hopefully will have them done this week.

The first 2 chairs are finished!  They cleaned up very nicely!  Some more work to do on the last 2 but hopefully will have them done this week.

Next up, I also spent some time cleaning the Zenith made Eames shell chair I bought!  A little scared of the fiberglass, it really cleaned up much better than I expected!  It is such a lovely color, GREIGE.  The rocker base came from Modern Conscience and boy is it nice!  Very well made and very sturdy.  I am thrilled with it!  I am not ready to part with it just yet… is a nice compact size and fits in a smaller space, unlike any of the other chairs I have tried to keep and realized they were too large for my intended area!  The good news is, I am planning to visit my friends again real soon and there is another shell there I could buy so I am thinking of picking that one up to do for sale.  I will keep you guys posted,  It was black fiberglass with black vinyl upholstery.  It was in decent shape but may have some gluing to do on the upholstery.  I am really smitten with the rocker base and glad I went with the Modern Conscience piece as the black hardware just makes the piece, in my opinion!  What do you think?

PYREX AND RETRO FEST!   I will be participating in the PYREX AND RETRO FEST hosted by JoRetro Vintage Market in Havre De Grace, MD….OCTOBER 8th.  I have the flier pinned to the top of my Facebook page with the link to the event info.  I hope to meet some friends at the event!  It should be a fun day and looking forward to spending the afternoon in this cute bayside town.  I plan on taking my 3 totes of pyrex items, a very cool cosco cart, and a bunch of my wholesale items like the Indian Kantha Quilts, throw rugs and kitchen towels.  If you want me to bring something for you, please shout!  I will do whatever I can to accommodate any requests.  We are expecting as many as 30 vendors and of course, JoRetro is open for shopping!  Jolene has many fun things planned and many super exciting items coming in!  There will be pyrex jewelry, stickers and more.  You should definite plan to attend!  A great day trip from DC, PA, NJ and MD.  Please look over my shops and let me know if I can bring something for you!  EVENT LINK  This is an outdoor event.  Please pack appropriately for the weather!  Food and vintage vendors galore!

Mall update:  I revamped my booth again yesterday!  The kitchen set has sold and I am putting it on the bus in the morning.  :)  Yea!  I moved in the turquoise Carsons club chair….the last piece I have from that awesome set which is in impeccable condition!  Priced at $300.  Also on display is the limed oak top side table with hairpin legs.  Its is gorgeous!  Stop by and see them!  Extravaganza is still going on tomorrow in Kutztown and always lots of yard sales in the area!  Sunday, it moves to Adamstown but we are only a 1/2 hour away with much better prices!   

Thanks for checking in!  Things have been moving fast and I am adding lots of small items to the etsy shop as fast as I can in between all of the packing and restoring I have been doing.  Shop early for the best holiday gift selections!!! And don't forget to stop by the ebay shop featuring many items from my wholesaler, Primitives by Kathy, hand selected by me to fit my eclectic shop! xo Malissa

Summer Sale, Current Projects and New Pics.

The following sale opportunities are now happening!  Take 10% off order in the etsy shop now through July 31st, use code PYREXSWAP at checkout. 

Also you are invited to take 10% off all items in stock at my booth 2R09 at the  Fleetwood Antique Mall in Fleetwood, PA  I will keep this sale on through July 4th for sure.  Please note Mall hours are 10-6 Wed-Fri with SPECIAL HOURS during the Kutztown Folk Festival!  They will be open Monday and Tuesday that week, July 6th and 7th!  The Mall has also combined forces with Berks County icon GRQ Used Furnishings so you definitely want to pop by the mall and have a look!  Great eclectic shop with items from all eras, unusual finds and so much more.  I really love my mall so come take a look.  Don't forget, if you are close enough to visit the mall, I can have ANY of my online inventory there for you to pick up!  All you have to do is give me a few days notice and I will take what you want to see out for you!  My space is not that large, but I will do my best to accommodate!  

DINING SET- new pics, seats redone!

The Drexel set I have is all cleaned, touched up, new black sueded fabric on the seats and ready to deliver.  It really is beautiful!  Sad that I do not have the 4th chair, but knowing this seats 10 anyway, you can totally add a set of different chairs to pull off the look and I suggest something totally different like a set of Bertoia wire chairs.  I am sure if you continue to look a matching set will pop up but in the mean time, the mix up look is pretty hot right now and you can use that to your advantage!  If you know anyone searching for a set, please send them my way!  I have this priced very low under market value and would love to find it a great home.  etsy listing for pick up/delivery (REGIONAL buyers) please, for white glove shipping.  My chairish listing will probably be live in the next day or 2.  

Many touch ups, lacquer applied and new seat covers in sueded charcoal have been added.  Such a great set!

Many touch ups, lacquer applied and new seat covers in sueded charcoal have been added.  Such a great set!


Heywood Wakefield restorapolooza!


I am in the process of sanding my first 2 tables of 6.  My stains are here and this will be the first time I am trying the wheat finish so am looking forward to that.  I have a lot of hand sanding left, but spent some time after work today using a sander on the larger flat table tops.  Plus I got some tips from my boss and coworker.  The beautiful tiered cocktail table is reserved and going to be refinished in wheat.  I will also do one pair of the floating top step end tables in wheat and they are up for grabs.  I will then do the 2nd pair of step end tables in champagne.  The corner table could go with either set so will do that one last to match either stain.  I am excited to make these pretty again!  Of all of the things I find, restore and find homes for, Heywood is what I choose to keep in my home and that is why I choose to save it. If you search back through my blog posts, you can find some recapping my Heywood restorations.  It is probably about a year old now!  It is amazing how many projects come and go in a year!  Click on the PAST SAVES tab to see pics and info from some of my prior Heywood Wakefield restorations.  

Pole lamp is serviced, brass polished and it is ready to use!

Pole lamp is serviced, brass polished and it is ready to use!

My husband got to go over the pole lamp and it is ready to use.  A word of safety advice on these things.  Both pole lamps had wiring issues.  You will not find them unless you take apart the pole and inspect.  My husband has test sets to check for shorts, etc.  Any loose fixtures were tightened.  I still would not leave any vintage light on unattended.  Please note with this light there is damage from a hot bulb on the gold shade.  Using LED bulbs can help prevent that in the future, but once again, keep a check on your vintage lamps so that you know they aren't getting too hot for the shades.  It is a real shame to find damaged items and surely you will not want to be responsible for that.  Many people used bulbs with too high a wattage, but in general, a light bulb gives off a lot of heat.  Be smart and stay safe!  

I just shipped out the adorable blonde record cabinet!  That beauty had some of the most views of anything I have ever listed on etsy!  Glad she finally got herself a home!  So many more awesome items are available!  I know I have been sourcing some higher end items lately and I do love being able to bring those things to my shop, but I am aware that they are not for everyone.  Thanks for following along in my adventures and please share my info with folks you may know in the design field, mcm enthusiasts and people looking to redecorate.  I appreciate the support and referrals!  

xo Malissa