Etsy Sale ending.....Shop Local Sale Continues

Busy week wrapping up some summer camps and swim season for the kids.  Will not be long and they will be back to school.  I am out of town this weekend so any sales that come in over the weekend will be shipped Monday or Tuesday next week.  That said, do not forget July 30th at 11pm is the deadline to take advantage of my shopwide sale on etsy! 10% everything and that includes my newest items.  I have been listing throughout this sale so come check it out!  

My booth space at Fleetwood Antique Mall (2R09) is also still on 20% off cash sales.  Come check it out and grab some kitschy summer accessories for your tiki and retro themed entertaining areas! I would like to shake things up in there for fall and would love some of these items to find new homes!  Any of my online items can be left there or I can meet you when you shop so please reach out!


I just put the finishing touches on the little teak nesting table set I picked up last month.  In order to correct some of the water damage on the middle table, I sand each table top down and reapplied new danish oil in a many coats sanding in between.  They look nice.  The middle table had the most damage and there is still some slight bubbling of the veneer and a little sliver missing along the trim edge but the dark water marks were all removed with the sanding and they look so much better.  Have a look and see if you can find a little spot for them.  So cute and fun to play with!  You can find them in my etsy shop.

Bent Silberg Mobler Made in Denmark, teak nesting table set is now available! 

Bent Silberg Mobler Made in Denmark, teak nesting table set is now available! 

I have done some custom orders recently where I work with a client to purchase something for them per their wishes, then take it home and do my thing cleaning and touching up before I deliver.  This has been a very exciting thing for me and I would love to have the opportunity to help more regional clients in this way.  If you are a serious shopper and would like me to source for you, please reach out and we can discuss!  My services always include getting your items, clean and waxed, touched up and tended to prior to shipping or delivery.   I also have a small selection of inventory that is waiting to be restored.  If you would like to claim a piece, I would let you be involved in the restoration, choose your fabrics, etc.  I also have helped a new client coordinate rehabilitation on a pair of her dining chairs that were in very sad shape.  The seats split down a seam, the legs were all unglued and some spindles were popping out.  I had them repaired and reinforced and just delivered them today just in time for a family gathering. They looked amazing and were solid as a rock.  I would love more local clients so if you are following me from eastern pa region, please reach out at any time to discuss how I can help you! 

I am planning to add some Adrian Pearsall/Craft Associates to my inventory as I am in negotiations to purchase some wonderful items.  Most need restoration and this a great chance to build a piece from the ground up. I would love to help someone make a piece their own. Pearsall founded Craft Associates right in Pennsylvania about an hour or so north of where I live.  He eventually sold the company to Lane.  His designs continue  to be a highly sought after and treasured by collectors.  I will keep you posted but at this point, I am saving up to purchase the items.  I appreciate any and all sales at this time to help me reach my goal of purchasing and then saving these fabulous set.  There are a set of jax end tables and an amoeba coffee table, a Havana chair with moon shaped ottoman, a matched pair of club chairs and a long luscious sofa that I would love to redo for myself..... anyway, some coming attractions!   

Have a super weekend!


Seek and Ye Shall Find, MCM Style: How Custom Shopping Works.


A while back, one of my clients asked me to keep an eye open for a nice walnut low dresser for her.  It's been on my mind overtime I am out sourcing.  Finally, I found a fabulous piece that was in great condition and I thought she may love it.  I sent a pic, and my initial thoughts on condition which I call a once over.  Meanwhile, my brain is going crazy processing the issues and trying to determine a strategy to repair and blend in the issues.  My initial pics were in the shop it was found and of course, these items do not last long so it was imperative that I pounce on it to secure it for my client.  I am lucky that she is easily accessible and we went back and forth via text for a little bit as I answered her questions, checked the dresser for smells, drawers work, structural issues and finish the ever important dimensions!  She quickly decided this piece was for her (and I agree, that it is a totally stellar piece!).  There was a matching dresser and night stand and for as much as we hated to leave them behind.....I saw today they were already sold so no going back!  As soon as I had her blessing, I purchased the dresser and got it home to spend the rest of the day cleaning, touching up and filling a large gash on the left front corner.  As I worked, I really fell in love with this piece!  It was totally not the average low dresser and wow was it cleaning up fabulously!  I kept her posted with pics of my progress and she is totally excited to meet it!  Delivery is this Friday and I am so excited to see it in her home.  I love to get to clients homes since most of my customers are around the country, it's not always possible.  This lovely lady has quite the eye for design and it is a treat to see my awesome finds displayed in her amazing space.  Her color choices are bold and stunning.  The home is a sprawling MCM ranch in a charming neighborhood close to where I went to college. I always enjoy the visit! 


As I finished cleaning up this piece, I was contacted by a shopper on Etsy about a pair of dressers I had listed.  She was interested in both pieces.  (Yea!  I hate separating sets!!!!)  Would I deliver to Maryland outside of Washington DC?  Sure would for these pretties!  We set the delivery up for the following day and I get them ready and packed my car. The family and I headed down and delivered these gorgeous chests and we got them all moved in.  They were perfect!  My client sent us on our way with the most delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies I ever ate!  As we talked and she said she was interested in some more dressers for the other bedroom, I showed her a pic of another set that was for sale and I just loved so much.  She loved it too!  So today I got all the specs and did my run down on condition plus checked how much dirt was really on it and how it would clean up.  Well, this set is amazing in a kitchy and fun way.  I am happy to report I will be purchasing this set and getting it ready for delivery in early July!


Seriously shopping?  I get around!  I am always out looking and some things I choose not to invest in for various reasons including size, price and budget.  If i know you are looking for something, I would totally shop for you.  My goal is to get you a great price so that I can still price the final product under street value in my markets.  This means I will purchase on your behalf, go over it with a fine tooth comb trying to clean, erase imperfections as best as I can and tend to any structural issues that it may have.  Your freshly cleaned and touched up item will be shipped or delivered with the same care I take with the inventory I invest in.  You will get my honest opinion on condition and what I think I can do to get it up to snuff. I do not buy stinky or smelly stuff!  You can trust me to shop for quality items!  In most cases, I will ask for a deposit when I make the purchase with the balance due upon shipping/delivery.  If we have worked together in the past, however, you will have my trust on this. My services are offered in good faith that you will purchase the items secured for you.  Please reach out!  I will do all I can to help you find the piece of your dreams!  Good things take time, so do not expect an instant score and especially so if you give me a very specific list!  Walnut low dresser was easier to locate than say a Broyhill Brasilia 9 drawer dresser.  So the more flexible you are, the quicker this may go. 


Stock update:

Both Frank Lloyd Wright stretched fabric frames are complete and listed.  I can make more but have 4 of the smaller 'Design 107' pattern and 3 of the larger St Marks Print pattern ready to ship! They are very simple, fabric stretched over an artists canvas.  Please see them in the etsy shop.  Reach out if you would like me to order yardage from this line for you.  Even if you only want a yard, I would split the minimum order with you as they seem to require a 2 yard purchase.  They are also selling pillows made to order.  They are not cheap, but if you are interested, please check the website for available prints (search Frank Lloyd Wright and they come up) and I can work up a quote for you.  All pillows are 2 sided with the print you select. Expect to pay around $200 per pillow and most are 18" square but I saw they had the velvet in 16" square, most likely because the velvet is crazy expensive.  Reach out!


We are shoving off on vacation in a few weeks.  I will be totally off the grid for most of it.  I will probably put my online shops on vacation mode so I don't have any mad shoppers.  Although I expect to get into town every few days and access wifi, I am positive we will not have internet out in the Adirondacks where we are primitive camping.  If you need something, please reach out to me before Jun 22nd.  I will most likely not be coordinating any deliveries that week either or large furniture shipments. Hit me up now if there is something you love so I can get it shipped out or delivered for you in the next week or 2.  I will be crazy packing as we will be living in our VW Vanagon for 10 days or so which takes a lot of planning!! haha  

Special thanks to Darcie and Debbie who have been the most gracious clients and I just adore working with you! xo Malissa