Kitschy Summer Fun at Fleetwood Antique Mall!

I have been wanting to shake things up out at the mall for a little while and found the time, motivation and assistance this morning.  I have taken out many fun new items and if you are a fan of flower power, you will love it!  Currently featuring the cafe set at my rock bottom price, you can  take a look and take it home right at the mall!  Here is a little slide show and I will be adding more items soon.  Located on 2nd Floor, Rear of Fleetwood Antique Mall, 14129 Kutztown Rd, Fleetwood, PA 19522.  Shop WED-SUN 10am-6pm.  

Coming attractions!

I am back in Heywood refinishing mode, thanks to a friend who is working on the sanding for me! I have 2 end tables just like these that are sanded and ready for finish.  I will be working on them this week in WHEAT, this set of 3 left with him tonight and I will be making them CHAMPAGNE.  Because I am the ADD of projects, I have many things going on now.  If you are interested in ANY of them, just reach out and I will focus on that project for you.  :)  I have ONE ladder back chair left to weave and am hoping to get that done this week as well.  Then a big photo shoot!  

I just picked up a traditional rocking chair today in oak (hand made too) and it needs new cane on the back.  Future project but have not done any sheet cane in a little while so figured I'd put that in the queue to get it back to usable.  I have a few small projects to do once these big items are behind me and hope to knock them out this summer.  


I am about 2 weeks out from the spring Mid Atlantic Pyrex Swap in the Baltimore area and I am very excited to participate again this year.  I will be focusing on getting things ready to take in the next week.  It is always a fun time and promise to share some pics of the great day.  This is an annual event and if you are interested in participating in the future, make sure you search for and join the Mid Atlantic Pyrex Collectors group on Facebook.  


Just know I am super busy right now with spring softball games and practices, spring music concerts and my own band practices and performances.  I try to get my items packed and out within 24 hours or less and will continue to try to keep up with that.  Deliveries/meets are subject to availability.  My weekday availability is Tues, Wed and Fri.  Thanks for your support and I hope to assist you soon!

Have a great week! xo Malissa