Moving forward!

I am so excited to announce that I have just been approved for Retail/Trade pricing at Joybird and will be able to acquiring their fabulous upholstery fabrics for my projects at a discounted rate.  This is always exciting for someone in my position as obtaining quality materials is never cheap and this will help me keep my prices as low as possible!  I look forward to moving forward with the Hey Wake chairs!!! 

In other news, I am SERIOUSLY considering going into a small booth space.  Frankly, my furniture is taking over my home and we'd like to do some renovations in our unfinished lower level which will not get done if I store my stuff there.  SO, I am looking and researching local haunts for the perfect spot in terms of rent, fees and hopefully no required work time, not that I don't want to help, but with a job of my own and 2 very active kiddos, my time is very limited and I would rather spend my free hours working on my projects!  I will keep you all updated as I start committing and moving forward with that! 

Thanks for your support and if there is anything I can do for you, please reach out!  I am still adding things to the shop for the holiday shopping season so check in often when you are getting ready for the holidays!  Lots of nice furnishings available including a beautiful set of Stakmore folding dining chairs.  They are so sturdy, you could use them all the time or store away until family comes to visit.  You will love that they are so beautiful and comfy for a temporary seating option!  Plus, the former owner had no children and they are MINT like they just were bought!  Stakmore was made in NY and the folding mechanism used in their folding chairs were patented in the 20's or 30's!  Pretty cool!  Stakmore made it until about 2012 were they were bought by another company.  Also notice the Cosco 'kids table' as I like to call it!  Folding card table with 4 matching gate leg folding chairs.  A HOLIDAY GO TO!  Snap these up now in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I will deliver if you are in the eastern PA area or message me to quote your shipping via Greyhound.  I will pack for you and get them to the bus no extra charge, you pay only exact shipping costs.  xoMalissa