Wicker repair- not a bad project to attempt!

I took in a 1930s era wicker Heywood Wakefield/Lloyd Loom rocking chair a while ago.  It needed some repairs and new seat upholstery.  When I bought the cane for the rocking chair, I picked up some reed to do that repair as well.  The original wicker is not even wood!  It is twisted paper.  Crazy!  I set up shop while I was binging on Netflix and started to recreate the weave in the broken area.  It was not a bad job at all.  The reed needed to be wet to be pliable so I just soaked small pieces in a bowl of water while I was working.  My next step was to blend this repair in with the original aged painted finish.  I hit AC MOORE and picked up some acrylic Liquitex.....sadly, I have somewhere in my house but it was from college so who knows if it is even still good.  So I picked up the 2 colors I figured I'd be blending to get to the color match.  Low an behold, I did great!  I mixed the base color and then added some orangey splashes over top.  It came out great!  I will be spraying the entire chair with a clear coat as well, to seal that in. 

Before the repair, after the weaving and finally with the paint applied.

Before the repair, after the weaving and finally with the paint applied.

The repair is on the right arm.  Can't even tell!  <3  I choose not to repaint  the chair.  Shabby is in and so many folks faux finish things, here is the real deal aged finish!  Drab orange with deep red accents.

The repair is on the right arm.  Can't even tell!  <3  I choose not to repaint  the chair.  Shabby is in and so many folks faux finish things, here is the real deal aged finish!  Drab orange with deep red accents.

My next task was to rip apart the old upholstery.  Now, here is the thing....this chair was pretty gross.  It came from an attic in a Reading row home.  It smelled like mildew and the dirt was permeated into the cotton.  Just plain gross.  My plan is to rebuilt the entire seat so everything except the wood and metal is new. 

I just selected fabric for the seat,  it is a deep red textured indoor/outdoor fabric by F Schumacher.  For as much as I was hoping to use a Wild pattern, I went with the solid which is the safer option.  


While I wait for the fabric to arrive, I will be getting the new muslin over the springs and doing my cotton and foam stuffing. My plan is to have the fabric patterned so my friend and I can sew it in another week when I visit.  I am looking forward to getting this piece finished! It really is a nice chair. I also have a book coming regarding the Lloyd Loom Company, if I learn anything of interest I will share.  

Holiday updates. 

Furniture can take 6-8 weeks to receive via white glove shippers. If there is something you love, order now so you can receive in time!  Layaway?  If purchased via etsy, I would gladly accept a deposit to hold a pricier item. Reach out to discuss.   

BLACK FRIDAY PROMO: once again, I was able to purchase a little something to pack with all orders shipping out this holiday season! Starting around Black Friday, I will be including a special gift with your order. ✌️ I have plenty but will disclose WHILE SUPPLIES LAST just in case I break some sales records! If you place an order before Black Friday please send me a note that you would like the holiday gift! I certainly don't want you to wait to make your purchase! 💕

Etsy is setting up some new features. Some things to look for are GIFT WRAPPING options.  I did not set this up as I do not feel it goes along with what I sell but I am always open to making a gift special, which I do not charge for. You just need to let me know. My main goal is to get your item to you safely!  There are also new badges for FREE SHIPPING. Etsy is encouraging this and marketing it.  It works well for smaller items but sadly, shipping for most items I sell is very complicated and varies immensely depending on where I am shipping to.  I will continue to offer custom quotes prior to check out and refund overages if you check out with what I have set up.  My best zones are east coast and mid west so keep that in mind.  I take shipping seriously and will price shop for your best rate. SHIPPING IS NOT FREE for any of my furniture nor for most furniture items listed on etsy.  Please read the entire description to determine if shipping truly is included.  This new change has left me and other furniture sellers with little options to control how we appear and my guess is furniture with 0 shipping will be promoted with the free shipping items.  Coupons-etsy may offer coupons for new shoppers.  It should show up on your home screen. This is awesome and a corporate level promo.  Take advantage if you can!

SHOP SALE- I have not determined if I will offer a sale yet, but may have a coupon code later this month for my special fans.  Please check your emails for future blog updates and my social media.  I will advertise it there. 

Fleetwood Antique Mall- I will participate in holiday promos at the mall. Also stay tuned as I will announce them as they get planned! 

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to a busy holiday season!  

XO Malissa

Fall Lookbook- Mad Mod World Vintage STYLE!

I always try to keep up with current trends because lets face it, not all of you want a home that looks like you just stepped into the 1950's!  (Ok, I know there is a chunk of us that would like nothing more!!!!) In reality, not all of us are furnishing period homes.  The good news is mixing your furniture styles is very much IN for the fall season!  That means you can add pops of mid century in with your farmhouse or cottage décor and really pull it off.  Good news for my friends in PA that seem to always end up in farmhouse or shabby chic haven!  Good design is timeless and even if the 'experts' are saying it's tired and ready to move on, I have news for them....there are legions of folks passionate about the era and it's offerings so I do not feel they are on base with that prediction.  Only time will tell.  If you follow my shop, you will see I tend to walk the lines and will always say YES to something that I feel adds an interesting visual appeal or texture to a space, even if it is OUT of the era.  I do have many interior designer clients so having things that appeal to them is very important to me.

Color trends for this fall include BLUSH, which they tend to pair with deep dark colors or let's say my navy day bed!  I pictured this day bed in a space like a nursery or den.  Style that is functional and a great piece for a part time retreat. The cushions are brand new and very thick foam which is quite comfortable for lounging with a new baby or for an overnight guest. Day beds are trending now as well.  This one is better than new!  The beautiful velvety fabric is from Joybird's pet and kid friendly line as well.  All original details were recreated including the piping and tufting. All cushions feature zipper entry and the metal base features sexy hairpin legs.  This truly is a fabulous piece!  Swatches shown below are all fabrics from F Schumacher, which I am able to purchase for you!  Most are available in custom pillows as well if you are not crafty.  I would love to work with you and have access to everything they offer on the website.  I can order samples from them as well, and I definitely recommend that!

I have incorporated some other fabulous trends in this style sheet including VELVETS and FURS which add great texture to a space and are ON TREND for fall and honestly, they have been trending for a while. Mixing textures and patterns is a fabulous way to go and gives a great eclectic, boho or 'jungalow' style. This is another great way to jazz up the standard MCM piece.  Typically, mcm is very minimalistic and can get bland and sterile.  Your choice in popping colors, patterns and textures are really what makes it fit in with other eras and really softens the often hard, sleek lines of the design.  Accessories will really allow you to incorporate these pieces as trends change, and you know, they will!   A new coat of paint on the walls, some throw pillows and even a new area rug can give you a whole different look without spending a whole lot.  This is why investing in refinished vintage goods is the better option than say, Target's reproduction line.  Those things are made in china and not made to withstand 60 years of use.  With some love, these restored pieces will hold their value and will most likely become more valuable as the years go on. 

With this said, another great trend is woven and wicker goods!  I can see why!  As I worked on reweaving my Italian Ladder Back chairs I can tell you that I fell in love with the look.  The modernist shape of these chairs and cartoon exaggerated backs was almost humorous and because they have the same farmhouse chic style as a traditional chair, they can morph into a lot of different dining rooms and be accepted.  I left the black chippy finish alone but did add a clear coat over all the wood.  I felt that this aged finish was perfect for today's shabby trends and by all means, I am not an advocate of faux finishes.  In fact, I will be the first one to say there is nothing durable about a chalk paint finish at all!  Before you spend money on this, know that every woodworker I work with thinks it is a crap finish and will definitely cause you strife in the long run.  I made a set of 6 incorporating 2 natural chairs with the 4 black.  I think it also adds interest to the set! 

Woven accents also include textiles!  Just so happens I have been acquiring some fabulous pieces!  My new obsession is rugs....Persian, Turkish.  All hand woven, a bit shabby from age and in fabulous bright hues, they will add an exotic air to your space.  These pieces have been a mystery to me and if you have been following along, can have some maintenance involved.  Of all the things I have bought and sold, I will say that a good rug will cost you. The good thing is, they are heirloom pieces (just like any decent mcm treasure!) so if it is taken care of, it will provide your family with years of use and grace your floors with excitement!  I always here BLOND is OUT! Well, let me tell you, this fall's trends look fabulous with light wood and many natural and light finished pieces are showing in this fall's trends!  A great time to snatch up some Heywood Wakefield, that always presents well in a social setting!  Sleek, curvy and smart, it truly ebbs and flows in and out over the years but one thing is for certain, it is well made and a joy to refinish!  Most pieces found 'in the wild' have issues, but it can almost always be saved!  This collection of end tables were all trashed when I found them and now they are gorgeous!  I collect this brand myself so if you want to know more about it, I would love to help you along.  It is addicting and reminds me of school furniture, perhaps because they did make the old wooden school chairs we remember from our youth!  With all the darks coming back en vogue for wall treatments and accessories, now is a great time to add some lighter woods to your décor! They also look great with exotic designs, textures and bright colors!

Adding a fun bright pop of color to an otherwise neutral room is so much fun! I have selected some swatches from F Schumacher's collection of wall coverings to show you how fun this can be. Featuring some dark shades as the trends are calling for and also some basic neutrals.  We built our home in 2004 and the whole living room is tan and brown.  For me, accenting with bright colors makes my room feel pulled together instead of bland.  Throw pillows, curtains and chairs are my relief!  I choose bright colors for these beautiful Heywood Wakefield side chairs because I know there are many boring rooms that needs some color.  Because I also collect Heywood Wakefield myself, I can assure you I put much care into my restorations.  They are fabulous and fun and I cannot believe they are still here!  The blue pair has well over 100 <3s on chairish!  Because they are smaller, I can totally pack these for the bus and each chair would probably ship for around $60 cross country! 

No matter what your style, color and texture is universal to bringing it all together!  Have fun with it!  I would love to help you along in your decorating either with some new furniture or help you select some wallpapers or fabrics!  I represent Joybird and F Schumacher and can be your go to gal for anything you need!  Reach out anytime to discuss!   xo Malissa

A quick note to the locals!  My furniture featured at Fleetwood Antique Mall is now 50% off!  Come on out and grab them!  Cash and Carry please!  I would love to find them homes and redecorate the space for fall!  Send your friends! WED-SUN 10-6 14129 Kutztown Rd (Route 222), Fleetwood, PA 19522ots of new listings in the etsy shop too! 

This pair of late 1800's Empire side chairs are mahogany and have red velvet covered seats. &nbsp;That can be swapped out and I would gladly help you with that! Reach out with any requests! 

This pair of late 1800's Empire side chairs are mahogany and have red velvet covered seats.  That can be swapped out and I would gladly help you with that! Reach out with any requests! 

Farstrup Mobler. Classic Danish modern farmhouse design.


Farstrups profile

– craftsmanship since 1910

Farstrup Furniture A/S has its roots in the village of Farstrup, and well-established sawmilling traditions. The company was founded as a sawmill in 1910, and after some years the production was expanded to comprice furniture – since 1960 in a significant volume.

We have continuously expanded and modernized the production in Farstrup, and can therefore guarantee that all the furniture is 100%.

"Made in Denmark"

Farstrup Møbler is Danish Design and crafts through and through. In other words, we make furniture from scratch: we cut the wood, process it in our joinery workshop, apply the finish and assemble it.

We also have our own stitching and upholstery workshops. This keeps us in complete control of the high quality that has been our hallmark for decades and which our customers expect of us.

I have been smitten with Farstrup chairs ever since I have laid eyes on them!  My first find was the little black #216 classic stick back.  It was in poor condition and there were huge chips of paint missing from it.  I felt it needed to be saved.  After a lot of stripping and sanding, it has been fully restored and it absolutely gorgeous!  The 216 model has been reintroduced by Farstrup and is back in production for their European market.  Alas, they are not imported to the US.  The only option you have to obtain one of these lovelies is to find a vintage one.  I will tell you they are out there, but unfortunately, finding a full set in one blow may prove difficult!  That is one of the reasons I pick them up.  I do find a lot of my single and pair chairs go to homes that are looking to add them to a set already in use!  That makes me super happy!  This chair does have a doppleganger, though! 

DOBBLEGANGER made by FDB MOBLER, another Danish company.&nbsp; Notice the indent across the top of the back!&nbsp; Farstrup does not have this.&nbsp; Otherwise, they are pretty close.&nbsp; The seat from above is also shaped different.&nbsp; This chair is attribute to Folke Palsson. (photo credit:  http://decorationavenue.blogspot.com/2014/04/fdb-mobler-chairs.html)

DOBBLEGANGER made by FDB MOBLER, another Danish company.  Notice the indent across the top of the back!  Farstrup does not have this.  Otherwise, they are pretty close.  The seat from above is also shaped different.  This chair is attribute to Folke Palsson. (photo credit: http://decorationavenue.blogspot.com/2014/04/fdb-mobler-chairs.html)

I do not know much about FDB Mobler other than they had some very well known designers working with them.  Construction and quality seems similar to Farstrup.  You cannot go wrong adding any of these to your home.  They add a certain charm and mix well with other period furniture, if you aren't a pure modernist. 

I have 3 styles of Farstrup chairs in stock now as you will see at the top of the page.  Please have a look in the shop to check them out!