From DRAB to FAB- my latest restoration is ready to rock!

Just picked up the maple platform rocker from the upholsterer and boy is it on point in many ways.  This rocker (of unknown origin) is made of solid maple and has a platform base.  It dates to the art deco era of the 20s/30s.  It was a family piece but the owner was downsizing and her children did not want it.  Anyway, the original fabric was pretty neat but had rips and lots of dirt.  So I decided this one was a great candidate to be made over.  I found this great IKAT print on the cheap ($20/yard normally!) and it was just what I was looking for.  Not only is cobalt/white totally hot right now, so is boho prints.  This piece is so awesome and comfy with it's newly rebuilt structure and it's new threads.  I can see this being a super piece for a nursery, bedroom or den.  If you love bohemian or it's plant inspired cousin, Jungalow style, this piece is for you!  Grab it now and make it part of your family traditions!  I have lots of this fabric left so will be able to offer it for more projects coming!  Listing is live on ETSY and will probably be live in about a week on chairish.  If you need shipping, reach out.  My UShip connection is now doing nationwide delivery and I will reach out for a quote.  I do not mind packing it for you and trust him more than Greyhound for a restored piece.  

Exquisite workmanship!  This chair is ready for a whole new life!  Click on the pick to open the etsy listing in a new window.

Exquisite workmanship!  This chair is ready for a whole new life!  Click on the pick to open the etsy listing in a new window.

I have some more pieces coming in very soon.  If you are looking for a teak hutch in a compact size for storing your collectibles or china, I have a sweet one picked out.  I also have a gorgeous long and low credenza in teak by UK maker Morris.  It is Danish in look but oh so classy.  Morris of Glasgow furnished ships and even royalty and has a super history.  I will be able to offer these fine pieces at very good prices.  Remember, my online markets are priced to cover my fees.  If you want to deal directly with me and especially so if you are in delivery or meet up areas, please reach out to me via email or message.  I expect to have these pieces in the next few weeks.  Thanks so much for your support as I try to keep things moving!  Please send friends or others who are shopping for furniture if you think they'd like my style.  


Victorian ON FIRE.  So I took in a few out of my normal era pieces recently and no worries, I am not switching teams, but when I see a visually interesting piece in great condition, I want to help it get to a home where it can be appreciated and adored.  So I took in the green settee with some reservations but I knew the repair would be straightforward.  I got the velvet and hand stitched to the cushions to cover up the doggie damage and I was so pleased how it turned out.  Because I have a lot of larger items in my storage right now and it was the perfect size to add to my small retail space, I took it out.  So glad I did!  It was found by a production company who came through the Mall and they snapped it up for a new show being shot for fall.  It is called TELL ME A STORY.  It sounds like my kind of show too!  A horror based on child stories but taking place in NYC.  I'm hooked!  I also saw the stack of other furniture they bought and they are def going for a gothic vibe.  So we all have something to look forward to this fall and I will be looking for my pretty couch in the series!  I believe it was a CBS series.  Will post more when I find out when it is starting to air.  

I am caught up on my work for the moment so getting back to my notes.  This weekend is my big visit to Kykuit and I am so excited to hang out and talk about Marie Cuttoli and her fabulous contributions to the art and textile worlds.  If you check my Facebook page ( you will see a little blurb I posted about Marie Cuttoli last week.  She is so fascinating and I hope you all enjoy the short introduction.  CLICK HERE

Have a great week everyone!  xo Malissa