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Hello there!  Is anyone looking for something specific?  I would love to do some custom sourcing this summer!  Send me your wish lists and while I am shopping I will keep my eyes peeled.  In most cases, I will need to act fast to secure your piece and would love to shoot you pics and info before I purchase. You will get my full services of cleaning, touch ups and repairs as needed. If you have a budget, I can try to work with it.  The more general your requests, the quicker I can help you find the perfect piece.  You, in turn, can sit back and relax while I do the grunt work for you.  You can email me malissa@madmodworldvintage.com to get on the list.  Tell me specifically what items you are looking for, color or other details that are important to you, budget if you have one and  a cell number so I can text you photos.  When I think I found the right piece, I will contact you with pics, dimensions, condition report and my repair plan. If you are on board, the item will be purchased for you and will be ready for delivery as fast as I can. **I may require a deposit at time of purchase which will be determined by our working relationship.  

I am looking to work with individuals, small businesses and more! Your referrals will help me and are very much appreciated! I look forward to assisting you in making your decorating dreams come true! 

I will be taking a much needed camping break the next 2 weekends.  I will try not to delay any orders during those times.  Thanks for your continuing support! ✌️😘 Malissa




Wanted: Customizers!

I have waited a long time to pick up these fabulous Adrian Pearsall pieces and they are finally here!  I am so happy the gentleman I am purchasing them from is working with me and allowing me to collect them as I raise the funds.  That said, all of my recent sales have helped me attain this goal and my future sales will help me save them. Now is your chance to work with me to make these your own!  I will be taking them next week for the upholstery quote so I will have a better idea of the final price to restore.  I am pricing them as is, but If you would like me to handle the restoration work, you get my services no extra charge.  The only thing you will pay is the upholstery work and fabric, which I can help you get at wholesale or trade rates.  I will help you with fabric selection and purchase, plus any wood issues will be tended to.  There is some clean up needed but I should not have to strip them.  I might need to order the rubber strapping if the upholsterer does not have it available.  I found a supplier for it.  After I talk to him this week I will have a better idea of where the final cost will end up. Here’s a look at how they are now.  Serious degradation and brittle foam, hardened straps....just as I expected.  They still hold me but def not usable as is unless you like to vacuum foam powder hourly.  They were in a barn for a while too so the rebuild will include new foam and Dacron as needed, new strapping and new fabric of your choice- I will get yardage requirements at my quote. The good news is the legs unscrew on all of the pieces so I think there is a chance I can box and ship fed ex.  This will help save the white glove costs.  Will have to check dimensions to be sure. Delivery or meets in my region are no extra charge.  


Try to look past their condition.  I can see them looking fabulous in a tweed or textured weave but maybe a velvet?  That would really class them up!   


They are very low profile.  Super sexy and not a common style to find especially in a pair!  No, I will not split them up.  The mother, who is now residing in a nursing home, had them only about 5 years until she decided to redecorate and had them all reupholstered to match her new look!  So this is not the original fabrics.   


Just as cute from behind!  


This chair is called the Havana Chair by collectors.  You see them pop up without he ottoman which I believe was an option, but OMG....do not be tempted to skip the ottoman to save a few hundred bucks!  This set is an alternative to a chaise!  It is so wide that 2 can sit on it.  It will take up some space but this will steal the show in your room, sorry to say.  So be flamboyant with the color.....maybe even a big bold print cause if you got this set, you need to flaunt it and enjoy the heck out of it! If you are in new construction and have a huge master bedroom......this would be amazing in a corner.  


That little bit of walnut arm trim is so handsome!  And the tufting.....love the tufting. 

My listings are up on etsy.  The Havana chair is currently not visible because the etsy police need to verify it was not smuggled in from Cuba. 🙄🔫  I am sure once they review my response the ban will be lifted.  I thought about telling a story or how a refugee floated to Miami on it... but then figured that everyone is taking jokes too seriously these days and I don’t need a hassle.  So the Havana chair that has nothing to do with the actual Havana in Cuba but everything to do with kick ass Adrian Pearsall design will be available to peruse shortly.  😜

A word about customizing these pieces.  You will pay for the item in full up front as priced in my etsy shop, I will get to work on your restoration.  This process will take a few weeks.  If you plan on looking at Joybird fabrics, order your swatches right away! I get 30% off listed prices plus the shipping charge.  There is a 5 yard min but these pieces will both use more, I suspect.  If you would like to shop at fschumacher.com, I can have samples sent to you.  Send me a list of what you’d like to see.  Schumacher is leaps and bounds better quality and finer fabrics than Joybird, but they are not priced for average America.  You can expect to pay $45+ per yard and they have some choices at $200/yard.  I can look up what you like and give you the info before you get your heart set on it.  Upholstery charges and fabrics if I purchase for you will be payable prior to shipping or at delivery. You will get photos and updates as I move along.  I am just as excited to be doing your restoration as you are to be buying it! ❤️


I just bought some great old stock yardage by Herman Miller that has huge quantities.  I have listed on etsy by the yard.  If you would like to select any of these for your makeover, I will give you a better deal than the $10/yard I have it priced at.  I have lots and lots!!!! Here is a preview.   


They are all listed on etsy.  Message me if you want more than one yard and I will make a custom listing and combine the shipping.  Etsy adds shipping to each qty.  I will only charge you what it actually costs to ship.  

How can you use these that they won’t scream 1990??? If you are trend savvy you will know without this pic. 😂  looks great with the pinks and purples now trending.  This is top of the line commercial grade fabric.  The decorator I got them from used to recover furnishings in her beach house and said she was very pleased how they held up over the years of heavy use.  I will be cutting to order and to length off my bolts.  More info in the listings.  This is also a great choice for you business owners that may have seating needing refreshed in your offices and waiting rooms!


Also new and listing shortly is a great pair of early Knoll Don Petitt bentwood arm chairs.  How sexy are these oak beauties?  Petitt worked to develop the laminating process used in these chairs before he designed them.  These are 70s or earlier.  They are no longer in the Knoll lineup and are not in my 90s catalog so probably retired by the 80s.  They are so sturdy and great for use in a commercial setting.  Need seating in your office? Knoll quality that won’t set you back $1000 a chair and sturdy for folks that have a hard time getting in or out of a chair.  I think about these things because I have had past clients buy items from me for those very reasons!  They also make great dining chairs or interesting accent chairs.  Your eyes will keep following those smooth bends. 💕


Original fabric is under the blue tweed.  I have no idea condition.  There are a few light stains but no eyesores.  They can be recovered to suit your space.  


Use these as captains chairs at your table! Mixed dining chair sets are very attractive and eclectic.


Thanks for reading! Reach out if I can assist you with something! I am busy taking a class right now trying to make my business better! I may try testing out what I learn in the weeks ahead.  I will definitely be looking to connect to interior design pros in my region. If you know someone I need to talk to, send me a note! ✌️ Malissa