Spring into redecorating!

I hope we have seen the last of our snow!  It's been a long winter and I am ready for spring.  Certainly most of you feel the same! What better way to make your spring cleaning special than to add a key new piece to your home?  I am stocked with some real nice items and have many in my restoration queue!  My newest acquisition is not mid century! In fact, it is fairly recent.  A discontinued showroom model.  This amazing sofa is from Schnadig Furniture, a company that has stood the test of time!  Known for their high end pieces since the late 1800's, this recent production is hands down a fine piece.  I picked it up because as I am connecting more and more with interior designers, my eye is also connecting to pieces of interest to them and my clients.  A bit larger in scale than 50s era furnishings, I enjoy the curved shape and lack of arms.  The back is as beautiful as the front and this piece would do well in a home or office setting.  Over stuffed and comfy, it comes with a set of pillows but I envision it meshing well with cow hide or even animal print,  the natural tan weave upholstery reminds me of an oasis and contrasts nicely with the dark mahogany finish. This piece was never used in a home. The upholstery is perfect and there are some minor bumps and bruises on the finish from handling that I will tend to before delivery.  It will be available in my chairish shop shortly for those who need freight shipping. Reach out if I can get you a Deliveright quote for the Mid Atlantic and the Southeast regions.  I will try to arrange local delivery myself but will need my husband and our Vanagon to accommodate so the stars will have to align!


A stunning piece!  The ample throw pillows are nice but I envision this piece with some wild throws!  How about you? 


Here's a clean view. 


The back is gorgeous.  The details in this piece are great.  It is worth much more than what I am selling it for. If you have shopped for high end new furniture lately, I am sure you will agree!   


Here's a pic so you can really see the curve! Shown with a great Milo Baughman knock off revolving glass top table (also available but not listed)  if you are into the brass Baughman designs, this piece fits that role perfect! Even a fab Hollywood regency glass top table! Ooh la la! 

My etsy listing is live and the chairish listing is in process.  Will probably be live by next weekend.  Let me know if you are interested and I will help you quote shipping options.  the best way to communicate with me is email or Etsy messaging.  Chairish is extremely difficult to work with customers directly as there is only a public comment area.  


Also just listed!  Fabulous mod iron daisy kitchen light.  This fun light will make a great focal point over a dinette set!  Painted surface features a glass globe.  It is on very good cobdition with only some minor wear and tear.  It will be checked for shorts before it leaves here.  Reach out if interested in a shipping quote before you check out!


It is all metal including the white shade and daisy accents.  Globe is glass. 


The light will be checked with a multimeter for shorts and nuts wil be installed in the bare wires so you can easily install at your home. 

i am off to hopefully make some progress on my weaving.  First chair is all glued up and waiting for a seat! I also just received a glass shade for another pole lamp we are working on.   My living room has been taken over with projects! Have a great week!

xo Malissa


I love the shape of these!  Ready to weave!

A couch saved and sold, new acquisitions.

What an amazing week and a half!  I have shipped many items and have been working hard!  I am happy to announce that in the last week I was able to complete the restoration on the beautiful sectional and it has been scheduled for pick up with the shipper.  My upholsterer had the cushions ready for me in 24 hours after I left them.  So great to see this couch with perky and soft seat cushions!   


No doubt about it, this is one sexy sectional! 


She is headed to South Carolina to be the star of am 1800's built home!  I know she will fill the role with grace! 

I have arranged shipping with a great company with limited delivery areas in the south (based in Atlanta) and also has service in the mid Atlantic (based in NJ).  They were able to save my buyer $200 off the chairish quote with plycon!   

My lights have been going out the door as fast as I can go over them!  The gorgeous 4 light pendant fixture is on the bus headed to Nebraska.  I will be working on the tension poles next.  I also picked this beauty up yesterday!  What a fun piece for a retro kitchen nook!  


Love those daisy accents!  

I also picked up a great bookcase!  It features sliding glass doors and a fixed shelf.  

I picked up a great little bookcase that features sliding glass doors and a fixed shelf.  It is in great condition.  I will be adding it to the etsy store and although I could bus ship, I'd prefer a local meet because of the glass,  I may work it into my booth as well.   


Size is 36" by 12" by 35-1/2" tall

i also scored a pair of chrome Bertoia chair knock offs in a great counter height. Front of seat is 23-1/2", top of back 40" from floor.  Knowing how most folks want the look without dropping up to $1000 a chair and honestly, the bar and counter height chairs are not as common to find in the secondary market, I picked these up.  They look new as there is tag residue on them.  Seem sturdy and will add some class to a kitchen counter or bar.  I will be pricing them at $150 for the pair and taking them to the mall space for cash/carry local peeps.  Only a Knoll aficionado will recognize that they are not the real deal so your secret is safe with me! 😂✌️


Chrome finish.  Super great pair! 


These will be great in a modern kitchen! 

Choice of 2 Herman Miller Eames Shells, better than ever!  Reimagined with reproduction rocker base from Modern Conscience. I will be holding on to one of them so when one sells, I will be pulling the other listing! 

Choice of 2 Herman Miller Eames Shells, better than ever!  Reimagined with reproduction rocker base from Modern Conscience. I will be holding on to one of them so when one sells, I will be pulling the other listing! 

I have both rockers in my possession and adore them both!  I will say the tan (Greige) shell is more of a collector piece since it is very early.  Dates 1951-1953 and is the first modification on the original Zenith production shells.  It's a harder, and in my opinion, more fragile fiberglass than the Summit Plastics black shell.  From my research, I would date that one as late 50's or early 60's. It has the S circle Summit logo and the double triangle logo plus the Herman Miller logo stamped into the fiberglass.  The upholstery is in good shape with only one puncture tear and some marks/discoloration on the vinyl.  Very minor issues.  Both of these chairs are iconic pieces of MCM design and recognizable by even the most novice of fans.  Such a cool piece to add to your home and definitely will not depreciate in value.  I have taken great care to restore them so they are in ready to use condition.  Perfect for parents to be!  The chairs really do not take up a large footprint either, so you can slide into a tighter space.  Locals can see them both in person to decide!  


Both listings are live in my etsy shop.  Stop by to check them out! 

Looking for restored items?  I still have a few super pieces looking for homes, fully restored with new fabric and all issues tended to.  Pop by and see if you can accommodate one! Bus shipping available!


Gorgeous daybed with all new cushions on metal hairpin frame.  Features Bentley Indigo fabric from Joybird. 


A gorgeous pair of Heywood Wakefield pull up chairs in Vibe Aquatic fabric from Joybird. (Buy one or both) 


Heywood Wakefield pull up chair in Vibe Sunkist by Joybird. 

Thank for popping in to hear about my adventures and thank you for supporting my small business! XO Malissa

The couch of dreams....restoring a classic.

I have been busy working through my items to get them ready for listing in between working with customers.  I apologize for those who are waiting for specific items!  I will get to them, I promise!  I also had a bit of a cold last week which kept me less than productive.   

I had a very interested party in the sectional and although there has been no formal commitment, I decided to forge ahead on the restoration.  I spent a lot of time cleaning the pieces and working on some light stains on the cushions. I managed to lighten them.  They are not obvious, but if the cushions are flipped and swapped, they are mint on the reverse sides so that is fabulous!  I took to my upholsterer to get a quote on the foam replacement.  It was in line with what I hedged for so that is also great!  After that, I came home and ditched the old foam and cleaned some more.  I also added an internal patch to reinforce a very small puncture that will also be on the underside with the cushions flipped.  I will have it ready to deliver in about a week and a half after someone commits.    It is a big investment for little old me to do without a buyer.  I have gotten loads of feedback in the last week and I am certain she will not be here long!  I cannot wait to see her with her properly stuffed seats!!!  

***I would totally take a deposit to hold any furnishing in my inventory and ship when paid in full.  Please keep that in mind!  This works out well for me so I have time to get it packed and then when paid, I can take it right to the bus, I never know how fast my stuff is going to sell and I have worked with folks for a week or 2 until the transaction is complete so definitely reach out if that helps you!  I know it is income tax time and if you see something you like and are still waiting for your refund, know I will work with you.

Shipping......so of course I have taken on this very large item that I could not possibly ship on the bus, which is my preferred way of keeping my clients happy with reasonable shipping.  I must tell you that I have done extensive quoting on this couch and chairish is THE BEST priced white glove shipping out there.  I cannot touch the rates they are getting on my own direct through Plycon.  Should you need to use white glove shipping, by all means go to my page and add the item to your cart for check your rate.  If you are not a current chairish client and sign up for an account you will get a coupon sent for $20 I think.  Also, I can forward one to you with your email so definitely take advantage of it.  Chairish is my highest fee market and it kills me to pay 20% commission on my items when I do most of the work but being able to offer the best shipping rates for those who need white glove shipping services makes it worth it to me to keep listing.  Click the badge below to visit my shop! Save me to your favorites!


MadModWorldVintage Shop on Chairish

I am still working my way through my lighting and want to check it over before I sell.  I did list the entry light fixture the other day.  It is such a unique piece!  It was in use until we look it down.  I will not be rewiring it unless anything looks sketchy.  Kenny will check it for shorts with his meter. Find this piece at https://www.etsy.com/listing/494074972/mid-century-modern-4-teardrop-pendant


Such a stunning piece!   Used on a pitched cathedral ceiling, but would work on a flat ceiling as well.


Used over a built in planter, I would guess this is one of the better fixtures you'd find for this purpose.   


Def American made as there is a union label.  Maker unknown.  Super shape! 


As you can see, it is a large fixture.  The wires are encased in a brass rod so lengths are only slightly adjustable.  The light on the left can come up higher to meet the bottom of the rod.  

I will be working on catching up with those of you who expressed interest in the pole lamp and the plastic plant, so I can get them sent out or delivered.  The plant has cement/plaster of Paris in the pot and it had been a super pain to break up!  I want to finish that up this weekend and get it shipped.  I also have 2 peeps interested in the pole light with the planter bullets that I'd like to go over next.  We are up to our ears in basketball season and have games or practice most weeknights and over the weekend.  Getting very weary of it and this should be over by the end of February, thank goodness!   

I am also picking up the black Herman Miller rocker this Tuesday and will be getting it listed right away.  Both rockers are available but I will be keeping the one that does not sell first so if you are considering adding one, now is the time to commit.  Unless I stumble across another shell, I will not be getting any more.  

The tension screen is at my booth space.  I left it as is, the bottom panel is damaged.  It can be removed or shortened, but figured I would let that up to the new owner.  Added some other goodies this week too.  Stop by WED-SUN 10-6 at Fleetwood Antique Mall 14129 Kutztown Rd, Fleetwood, PA. GRQ Used Furnishings is with us now so I can tell you there is lots to see!  Great prices and a huge selection of every era you could want. 

Please stop by all my shops for your Valentine's Day gifts!  I am stocked with some great items!  Thanks for your support! XO Malissa