Antiques Roadshow? Oh yes!

A friend of ours won lottery tickets to the Roadshow taping this week at Winterthur in Wilmington! I was thrilled when she invited me and we are planning our trip.

I think I am taking some works by Bette Fast. She has a great story and beautiful art. It may be a good way to make her relevant again. I know about her and have done research, but really have no comps on any of her works—-sculpture or painting. So let’s see what we can find out at the Roadshow! It will be a fun day. We are leaving Monday afternoon and probably will not be back until late Tuesday. My production will not be functional but I will ship all packages Monday morning. I have plenty to go out right now. Shop this weekend and it will get shipped Monday.

Can’t wait to report back on the roadshow experience!


I just committed to some new case pieces and I may be keeping one and selling my Heywood Wakefield triple bubble glass china cabinet! If you are looking for this holy grail piece, in champagne, please let me know. My new pieces will be here beginning of July and I can have this one ready to go prior to or just after. Cash/local clients will get this under value! Most recent eBay comp is $1400 plus shipping. I can do this one for $1000, less if cash. Totally worth it for a stunning piece and it is is fabulous condition with tons of storage.

Barbie world is hopping. Dolls are moving out at a rapid pace and many are heading overseas. One thing about this collection, the dolls realizing the most money are collectors editions purchased through the club. They are silkstone dolls designed by Robert Best and are much higher quality than Mattel toy store dolls. The average low end doll never removed from package is worth between $10-20 depending on demand. I am thrilled to be able to see this collection as the garments and detailing on the high end barbies are amazing. If you are a mid Century fan, you should check out the many retro reproduction dolls from the 50-70s. Most of these are better collectibles and will display fabulously. You will not want to remove them from the box if you want to preserve their value. Everything must be intact and perfect for a collector to pay top dollar, but you only live once and you can’t take it with you so do what you want with your own collection! They are leaving quickly! Check them out while you can!

Ready for homes! Buy direct for my best price!

Ready for homes! Buy direct for my best price!

Just finished this set! It needed a bunch of help including structural work, glitter bomb eradication and we even fabricated a new rung on one of the chairs which I stained to match. They are really handsome. Medium pecan color, nice and warm. Beautiful cane accent for texture. 2 arm chairs, 2 side chairs. I would like $200 cash for them, if you want to purchase and have me ship, I can Greyhound them. You pay shipping and fees plus a nominal packing charge. Local meets/delivery. Regional delivery for a nominal fee.

That’s all for now. 🥰 Malissa