New Video, Eames Dopp Kits online, anyone in Brooklyn want a delivery?


First off, I am headed to the Red Hook area of Brooklyn (via Staten Island)  to deliver some custom recovered dining chairs.  If you are in the nearby neighborhoods and find something you love in my stash, please reach out! *rescheduled until approx March 15. 

DOPP KITS ARE ALL HERE!  I have shipped out (almost all) of my preorders and have set up listings on my web page.   Come and grab them while I got them!  Make great gifts and got an mcm wedding??? Hello groomsmen gifts! 🎩   PURCHASE BOTH STYLES HERE!  Very limited quantities of red bags!  PURCHASE BOTH STYLES HERE!  Very limited quantities of red bags!

Next up!  I added another video to my YouTube library! Come check it out and subscribe to my channel!  I am trying to keep my videos pretty short yet still informative.  Give me a few minutes of your time and let me know what you think!  This week’s episode is about Robert P Karoff of Karoff Originals and features a very cool foldable coffee table he invented that is currently in my inventory.  


I suggest if you are keen on something in my inventory but waiting for an income tax refund you reach out now.  I will hold items short term or with a deposit if for a week or more.  I just sold a pair of ladder back chairs and the dining chairs I am working on recovering plus I have given many shipping quotes in the last week.  I expect things will be moving quickly in the coming weeks and that is a good thing as post holidays has been slower.  Reach out if I can assist you and I will do my best.  I still have weekday hours doing taxes until April 15th and have been pretty busy.  Thanks for following along!  XO Malissa