The Custom Bench finale and a look at the next project.

This cutie needed new guts and new threads. Like all of my restorations, I blame myself if I choose the fabric and it sits here a long time.  The best way for me to handle a restoration is to finish in tandem with a buyer, so they can call the shots. 


I picked up this adorable bench a few weeks back and picked up supplies right away.  Replacing the jute straps was pretty easy and a fun project. You know they are tight enough when you tap them and they vibrate like a drum!  


I had to rework a few loose legs.  The joinery was pretty awesome as the legs are under pressure, inserted into the cut hole and then a wedge is forced in expanding the circumference and locking in the peg. There are no screws or hardware keeping them in.  We did use a bit of glue to reinforce things.


I sanded and refinished the chipped and scratched legs.  Once there are dents and other imperfections in the surface, this is the best way to go.  What was revealed was beautiful mahogany frame and legs.  The stain allows the grain to come through which was not the case with the original painted finish.  Why cover up that pretty wood?    

I was very happy to connect with a gal who was interested in making this piece her own!  We chatted a bit and I told her what kind of fabrics I had in my stash.  She quickly decided the marimekko print reissue in poppies was for her.  I was learning towards that one myself!  It was an instant connection and my worked flowed forward. 


The seat stuffing all foam and cotton.  Trying out the fabric.  


Here she is complete!  I had her packed and shipped the following morning!  


I am on to the next project and it is currently available to customize! This stellar lounge chair is American and very similar to a Baumritter lounge.  There is a tag on the front but maker info has worn off.  I am getting ready to install the Pirelli straps and then will need to make new cushions. If you want to call the shots, now is the time to reach out to me.  I estimate the finished chair to be in the $500 range.  If you would like me to purchase fabric for you, that would be additional.  I would love to work with someone on this!


BROOKLYN....I have a delivery next Tuesday. If you are available during the day to receive and I can fit the item in my car with the hutch, I can bring you something! This is a rare opportunity as I do not normally deliver to the city.  Reach out now to arrange! 


I am doing some soul searching while in my time of job loss and subsequent job searching.  The reality of what I am doing now is that it does not pay my bills.  I’d love to just run with this business but reality is that I would need to sell $80,000 a year to have a shot at replacing a full time income and I do not think it is physically possible for me to do it alone.  I will continue this venture but I am not sure at what capacity as I am applying for full time work.  I am sick of being poor, honestly.  I work all the time on this and I don’t get paid.  I am not sure where I will be making changes until I get closer to a new career, but I can tell you I think I will be going back to my roots of smaller pieces.  Things I can pack easily for the bus which I can handle on the weekends without much assistance.  Full time work means I will not be able to meet a shipper here as they have no flexibility.  I will probably sell off my Smalls and stick to pieces I really want to take on.  Extra boutique like.  If there is a large piece in my inventory you are eyeing, reach out to me now.  If you are picking up or live in my region, let’s chat.  I can offer you ‘off my markets’ pricing.  They take lots of fees!  I want to thin out what is here so I do not have so much stuff to store.  If fall comes and I still don’t have a position lined up, I may restock for winter.  I will always be available for custom sourcing!  If I can head hunt, buy and get a piece ready for you, please reach out!  I also feel this venture will be less stressful on the side knowing I have an income.  I am open to part time work so if I end up in another flexible position I will definitely continue as it was but I am sure those jobs are few and far between.  In the mean time, trying to crank through my projects!  I have been very busy this year and this is normally the dead time of year!  Thank you all for supporting me and I will continue to serve you fabulous colorful restored vintage goods as long as I can! 🤗