Adventures to come!


I have been keeping this secret since I have had other things to talk about but this week’s update will fill you in!  In my business life, many things happen that just seem to materialize and I just cannot explain why I was so lucky to be at the right place at the right time with the right instincts for everything to happen.  Finding the awesome Fernand Leger rug was one of those moments.  Although I am blessed to have it in my possession, I knew early on that it came with some issues I had to tend to like the cleaning (a $250 investment) and then there is the restoration work to replace the knots that were chewed by some hungry moths which is quoted but out of my budget without a buyer in the wings. I have spent a lot of time researching it and have purchased materials useful in my quest.  You see, the woman who is responsible for this awesome piece was responsible for bringing back the tapestry arts in the 1920’s in addition to being a patron of the fabulous artists she honored.  Her Paris fashion house, Maison Myrbor, also turned out haute couture clothing which is found in museums around the globe.  The tapestry arts were never a booming industry but she exhibited over the years and info can be found.  


Back to how I fit in here.  I was contacted by a woman who works for a prominent estate, now museum of the family’s collection and he has my rug in her collection along with another in the series.  They have no info on them and are hoping I will share my research  with them. Of course!  I will be taking time to write my notes out for her and will be visiting the estate when they open for the season this spring to meet with her.  I cannot wait and will be sharing my experience with you all when I get back. I have one local stone to unturn on this research as the traveling exhibit where the rugs in my series where sold in the 60s came to Allentown so the museum is on my list to contact to see if they have info or perhaps staff or volunteers I can reach out to.  This whole adventure will help me build provenance with the rug as well as myself.  Overall a fun adventure!  Such a special piece of art and textiles with only 20 or less ever made.  A super rare collectible!  


On another note I am running a sale on most furnishings in honor of my birthday month just in the Etsy shop.  If you are looking to add something to your home, reach out now to secure the price.  Many items leave me with little profit at that price but I need to move some big items so trying to entice the people with them in their carts to commit.  Subject to end at my whim.  I also have a set on hold that will be delivered next month to New Hampshire.  Reach out if you see something and are near or could meet me during that trip.  If it fits with the set I would meet for a fee way less than the cost of shipping. 


Don’t forget I have an album of new gift appropriate items pinned to the top of my page where you can claim items, fill a box and I will pack and ship to you.  These are all priced at wholesale! With spring holidays on the way, take a look and claim some goodies!  I will need your email and will send you a PayPal invoice. If you are local to me I can get your items delivered.

Thanks for following! Lots more fun to come soon!  

Xo Malissa