Happy Holidays!

I want to take a moment to wish you all a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!  I have had one amazing year and surpassed my prior year sales by over $7,000. Thank you to all my clients and friends for your support.  

I pushed to get my latest restorations done knowing I was planning on pursuing some paying work come January and have settled on income tax.  Although I should only be working 15-20 hours a week, this job only goes until April 15th so I am going to try to pad my bank account while I can.  That said, I probably will not be buying much or restoring much for the first quarter.  It may take most of my efforts to keep up with sales and shipments plus the retail space. I will keep listing from my backstock and also will have the husband work through some lighting and small projects laying around.  My delivery availability will be limited as well but I will do my best to work with you.  I will not know my schedule more than 2 weeks out but it’s retail hours plus saturdays in the mix. Wish me luck.  I am not sure this was the most lucrative decision but it is more flexible than what I was finding and I figured ideally, this could get me through the rest of the year.....just not this first season which will be drepressing.  


SHIPPING:  I just dropped off a piece with my shipper and they updated me on their plans. After the holidays they will be heading south to Florida then over to Texas (DALLAS) and back. If you are anywhere on 95 corridor to Florida or west towards Dallas from there and are considering a purchase, reach out now! I can get the shipping quoted and firmed up.  I will hold your item with a small deposit with balance plus shipping costs due prior to pick up in January. Scott and Jill are wonderful and have taken many things for me to far away places and because I book them directly and pay cash at pickup, they give me great rates!  I pack and wrap your item myself, just like when I ship on Greyhound, but with them, it never leaves their trailer and they are the only people handling it in transit.   Reach out with zip and what you are considering and we can figure things out! 

The Lane record cabinet is complete and listed.  I noticed I was not finished with it yet in my last update.  

brand new upholstered bench top in cream tweed.

brand new upholstered bench top in cream tweed.

If you are in the region and need some quick furniture delivered for your holiday entertaining, reach out! I have time between now and Jan 5th that I can schedule deliveries!  

Thanks again for all your support, referrals and friendship!  I have the best clients! πŸ’• Now to try to quick catch up with my bookkeeping and make some cookies before Christmas! Β