Lots of fun new arrivals!

The last week has been exciting! I purchased the first items I committed to buy from the living room of Craft Associates pieces.  Craft Associates plant was an hour north of me in Wilkes Barre, PA.  They are known by their well crafted walnut items and their striking designs by founder, Adrian Pearsall.  His pieces are highly collectible at this point in time so I am thrilled to be able to bring them back to life!  

I started with the tables as they are easiest to get ready for sale and they will be helping to fund the upholstery work I need to do coming up.  The jacks tables are amazing and worth every penny! I have the freeform boomerang coffee table and a pair of guitar pick end tables- which are a harder to find form. They have been cleaned and touched up with new lacquer sprayed.  I have some oxidation on the glass top which looks like a haze.  It disappears when wet.  I have been working on polishing it to see if I can remove.  There is general wear issues on the pieces but they have not been abused.  My touch up cleaned up much of the obvious wear.  


I have dealers hawking me for them but I will not be wholesaling. They will be priced according my markets.  To help my regional peeps out, buy direct from me and pay cash and you can save my fees which is about 10%. I do not charge for meet ups and delivery, either. So let's chat and try to work it out! They are iconic, amazing and timeless!  I am so thrilled to be able to assist them in finding a new home.  


Next up.  I was busy doing some cleaning and touch ups on some items I picked up. I would love to deliver this fine piece! Say hello to a gorgeous Lane Rhythm Hutch!  


This great storage piece features glass sliding doors on the middle 2 shelves (not pictured) and the whole bottom is open for storage via the 2 doors on the sides. A beautiful piece to show off your treasures or books, it is warm and the texture is perfect! Specially priced if you buy direct. I also can deliver this piece as it fits in my minivan but it does not break down any smaller. I will help arrange shipping nationally for the additional cost. 


i also picked up a great Temple Stewart dining table in wheat finish that will match Heywood Wakefield but I paired with my ladder back Italian chairs and am in LOVE!  I will give you a much better price if you buy the whole ensemble! Reach out!

Thanks for following along and hope he all have a great weekend!

xo Malissa