In like a Lion- UPdates and New Acquisitions.

Winter is not quite over as we are expecting some bad weather at the end of the weekend!  Surely any snow left by it won't last long!  Meanwhile, my sales are cranking!  In the last week my 2 coffee tables rolled off to new homes and various small items!  I thank everyone for welcoming these awesome items!  I have been buying to replace the items i have sold and spent today listing and updating the featured web furnishings. 

So thick, so gorgeous, so rich.

So thick, so gorgeous, so rich.


First up is this fantastic runner by Edward Fields in amazing 18' length (width 4').  I can not say enough about it!  It is worth checking out the company website which details construction, matertials and history.  Knowing they placed pieces in the White House since Jackie O should speak for the quality.  It is heavy but should be UPSable rolled.  I have decided to include shipping in the price.  If you are close enough to meet or deliver, I can knock a little off.  This is long and will require a hall or large walk area to accommodate.  Please measure your space carefully!  In excellent condition, it features light grey background with orangy brown squiggles and cream splotches.  The pattern is BLING BLING.  The listing is live in my etsy shop now, click on the pic to open in a new window!

New Chair Set! 

Set of 5 Made in Denmark Teak Dining Chairs in steel gray upholstery

Set of 5 Made in Denmark Teak Dining Chairs in steel gray upholstery

These adorable chairs feature 4 side chairs and one arm chair.  Teak is dark and lovely!  I suspect they would work well with rosewood.  Recently recovered, I am leaving the Sueded fabric.  The were oiled and loved and ready for a new home.  If you are looking for a great set for your table, consider them!  Marked only 'Made in Denmark', I have so far found none similar nor identified the maker.  I will keep looking.  In the mean time, You can find the listing on etsy by clicking on the pic and it will open in a new window.

I am also adding smalls!  Please pop by the etsy shop and keep up to date.  Some of the items I have been shipping out have not been here long!  I do suspect that furniture is going to keep the momentum as we roll into spring so please jump on anything you like before it is gone!  I have had 2 sales on Chairish in a week so will continue cross listing over there as time allows.  


If you local peeps have not gotten to visit the Heywood Wakefield chairs at my booth space in Fleetwood Antique Mall, try to get over there this weekend!  I will probably remove them next week and replace with a few other pieces.  If there is anything you want to see email me and I will try to work it in for you!  Visit WED-SUN 10-6.  

Thanks for following along!  Please share my page with your friends, design lovers, vintage fans and redecorators!  I appreciate your referrals!

xo Malissa