Dunbar Chairs, ready to ship!

It's been a busy last couple of weeks!  I have been really trying to move forward with the Dunbar chairs and my mother got the sewing done and on I went.  It's kind of like an obsession for me when it gets to this point and I am ready to get the project done.  Mom did a great job, and yes, I will be paying her for her talents when the chairs sell.  The assembly went smooth and I expected nothing less after my mother did her thing.  I sat and did the buttons one evening and that was tedious, but not a bad deal.  It was very hard to get the buttons to line up straight as the long needle did not go straight through no matter how I tried to line it up.  I did end up fixing a few wonky ones after I was finished.  When I finally was happy, I added the new dust cover and hand stitched the Dunbar labels back on it.  They are now ready to rock.  Took some new pictures yesterday outside and now they are ready for a new home!  I have them priced at $600 each, only after careful consideration of my time and expenses and others for sale.  I have found none is small quantities, however, there are a set of 6 and another set of 8 on first dibs for $18,000.  So, I can say I believe my price is a bargain for such exquisite pieces.  Surely there is a Wormley fan somewhere that would like one or both as samples of his earlier designs.  I am so proud of them and pleased I had a chance to bring them back to their former glory!  That's what it is all about!  I have already considered the shipping and will definitely be wrapping the chair backs in cardboard to protect the delicate cane during shipping.  I will definitely deliver these in person if I can be met in central/eastern PA, NJ or a reasonable distance from my Reading/Allentown area home.  Please reach out via email or etsy message!  I will also be traveling through Philadelphia in another week so please hit me up if I can deliver anything!