Are you looking for something to special to add to your home but nothing in my current inventory fits your needs?  Please reach out!  I am always out and about shopping and have access to auctions and sales out of my own area.  What this means to you is that even though I am small and may not want to take something on in my own inventory, I would certainly seek out a purchase on your behalf!  This works best if you are not looking for something as specific as let's say Broyhill Brasilia line pieces, but maybe just a walnut mcm dresser or even something out of my era like a more traditional piece.  What you get with me is a keen eye and yes, I am always keeping abreast on current trends in design so will help be your eyes, shoot you pics and give you a condition report.  You always get my services for cleaning, touching up and sanitizing (if necessary) and will have a ready to use piece when delivered or shipped.  There are times when I need to act fast to secure your purchase, so this works best if I can text you pics and info so that I can jump on the piece.  Also, your budget would be appreciated so I have something to work with.  I may require payment in full immediately, but may ask for a 50% deposit with balance due on delivery, especially if you are a preferred client. 

I have been shipping in the NYC metro area lately and this opens me up to many higher end items than are available in my own region.  I even find newer items so the sky is your limit!  If you love traditional antiques, they are available to me as well.  I look forward to working with you on a custom purchase!